Upcoming new Play To Earn rewards

Receive interesting rewards only for play

New Tokenomic schema

  • The points system that we have currently will change completely, providing points to all users that completes the challenge and giving extra points for the time not used. Also, we will introduce a new event type to make challenges during a concrete time duration.
  • We will introduce a secondary in-game currency that is called EC.
  • The players will be able to change their Nercoin (NERC) for ECs at an exchange rate of 1 NERC = 100 EC.
  • The players will be able to participate in the live streaming events paying the event’s price in EC.
  • All the live streaming events will also have an EC reward for complete them. So only to complete 1 challenge and receive the validation of at least 50,01% of the votes, the player will recover the event’s price in EC, and for complete more challenges of the event will continue receiving more ECs as a reward until reaching the complete event’s EC reward.
  • Also, we will introduce the concept of daily challenges. They will be photo challenges instead of video. All the daily challenges will have also a fixed EC reward to complete them. This reward will be between The rules to follow will be the next:
    Make the requested photo challenge using our app and get it validated at least for the 50,01% of the votes.
    Validate at least 20 daily challenges of other players, taking into account that you need to be honest and vote the same as the majority to receive the daily reward.
  • Every daily challenge will be assigned randomly to a player and he/she will be able to change it once before start making it.
  • All the EC rewards will be received starting at 00:00h UTC of the next day.
  • Every player should be able to exchange their ECs for NERCs at least once a week. The EC exchange rate will be 150 ECs = 1 NERC.

New upcoming features

  • Provide a NERC staking system for all NERC holders with some interesting APY percentages.
  • New referral system with interesting benefits.
  • Exclusive NFTs that can be acquired or earned as rewards in the platform, and also an internal marketplace to bring the possibility to trade with these NFTs.

When these changes will be available?

We are hard-working to bring all these new changes at first of October. In the next articles we will announce it, so STAY IN TOUCH!

Already done

Also, we are glad to announce that finally, we have the Nergame IOS version available at Apple App Store. You can download it HERE or on the link of our website.

Helpful links

About NERC

How to contact Nergame

Visit us here Nergame.



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