Preparing the 2021 Airdrop

Move your NERC to BSC for the Airdrop

3 min readMay 15, 2021

About the Airdrop

Some weeks ago we announced that our first Airdrop will be done at the end of this month. After some considerations, we thought to make the Airdrop directly in BSC instead of WAVES, to allow our holders to access the most used market and use some common tools like Metamask instead of custom solutions. So this is why we strongly recommend NERC holders migrate their NERCs to BSC to be able to receive the correct Airdrop rewards there. The Airdrop will be done on the same date with the same quantity between all NERC holders. You can get all the information about the 2021 Airdrop here.

How to move NERC to BSC

Some weeks ago we announced that we are working on a bridge to move your NERC from WAVES to BSC. Due to complications with WAVES and its Waves Keeper Chrome extension, we got stuck with our bridge development, so to solve it we have prepared a kind of “manual bridge” to migrate your NERC to BSC. We prepared a form with the instruction that can be located here.

Please, follow the steps given in the form to ensure that you will receive your funds.

NERC market in BSC

We are talking with different partners to make an ILO/IFO/IDO in BSC and allow some of our community to get NERC at the discount price. The next week we will announce some things related to that, so stay tuned!

Nergame bounty rewards in BSC

Around 1 month ago we finished our first bounty campaign and we received so many requests telling us about the reward distribution. We have updated the general bounty topic here and here with the distribution information. The distribution will begin on 16th June 2021, but we will do it directly in BSC. So we encourage all the bounty participants to share with us their BSC wallets to distribute the NERC rewards there directly. To do it, the participant should follow these steps:

  • Use exactly the same Telegram account when you registered for the bounty.
  • Join the Telegram group created for it:
  • Paste there the BSC wallet to receive the NERC rewards.
  • Fill the given form with all the information here.

Attention, all the bounty participants should do it before the 15th June 2021 to receive the rewards, so please, make it as soon as possible.

After that, we will provide a website that will allow all the participants to claim their tokens in BSC with the given BSC wallet. We will use a smart contract to ensure that all people receive it.

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