Nergame Play-to-earn

Earn NERC playing in Nergame

What’s Play to earn?

All the benefits get by these platforms, can be claimed and saved in our wallets, also we can sell it, hold it or use it inside and outside of the platform. It is a new concept designed to encourage users to use the platform, have a good time, and make a profit.

The main blockchain used for this purpose is Ethereum, but also there are more blockchains coming, and they will bring new features and advantages for sure.

How get these benefits?

Earn NERC in Nergame

One of the main ways to get NERC in Nergame is to be a player and participate in the events, do the proposed challenges fast, and be one of the three best players!

Another way to get NERC is to entice new viewers and encourage them to sponsor you as a player. In this case, you can get a lot of NERCs independently of the event’s result. You can do it by the different methods that the platform gives to you.

The only requirement to be a player in Nergame is to pay the event subscription with the given NERC.

How works Nergame’s ranking?

Once every player makes a challenge, a determinate quantity of points is assigned to that challenge, depending on the time spent and the maximum time allowed for it. After that, all the viewers can see this challenge, and after a complete view of it, can vote it as like or dislike. Getting all the votes and calculating the percentage of the like votes, you can get the total percentage of points the player will get for that challenge.

At the final of the event, the three best players will get all the accumulated NERC, which will be split between them proportionally.

You can see more information about it on our whitepaper Scores page and also on the Rewards page.

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