Nergame MVP Platform very close

Nergame platform available soon

2 min readJun 13, 2021

Launching our complete MVP

As is specified in our Whitepaper we planned to launch the first version of the platform in the Q2 of 2021. And we want to announce that it will be available in the next days!

We have worked so hard to make it possible and when we launch it in the next days, we will announce it on our main community channels like Twitter, Instagram, Medium, and Telegram. If you want to stay tuned, FOLLOW US!

Airdrop rewards

We are preparing our website to provide our community with a wallet page about Nergame, so the users will be able to connect their wallets and see the NERC balance, their pending rewards to claim, and other interactions with our platform like claim these rewards or purchase more NERC.

Here you have an advance:

iOS app version

We just send our iOS version of the app to review to the Apple Store. This process depends on Apple, and there is no way to speed it up, only wait for them to approve it. Once it has approved, we will announce it too.

Helpful links

About NERC



Nergame Dev Status

You can see our current Milestone board here.

How to contact Nergame

Visit us here Nergame.

Talk to us here Telegram.

Follow us here Twitter, Medium, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.