Nergame Community Update 4

One week for the Airdrop and NERC AMA winners

2 min readMay 25, 2021

AMA session winners

The past 15 May 2021, we made our first AMA session. It was a very interesting AMA session where our founder Andrés D. Molins answered so many questions about Nergame, our tokenomics, and our roadmap. We promised 40 NERC as a reward for the 3 best questions, and the winners are the following:

  • Telegram: @Serkanmercann for the question: “Any special meaning of NER ?”
  • Telegram: @tolgaozek for the question: “Any risk that like or dislike mechanism might be manipulated? How will you check that?”
  • Telegram: @tolatli for the question: “What about NFT? Nergame has any plans on NFT?”

The winners can contact directly to our founder to get the rewards.

One week for the 2021 Airdrop

Only remains one week for the first NERC Airdrop. As we announced in our previous posts, it will be done directly in BSC. This is why we encourage all NERC holders to migrate their NERC from WAVES to BSC using the “manual bridge”.

We will take a snapshot of the network getting all NERC holders and give 350.000 NERC that will be distributed proportionally between all NERC holders at the moment of the snapshot.

The exact snapshot date will be…

Sunday 30th May 2021 at 23:59:59 (CET)

Once the snapshot is done, we will prepare a smart contract and a page on our website to allow our holders to claim their rewarded tokens.

To read more information about it, read this article and also this one.

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