NERC available in BSC!

Nercoin in BSC

We are glad to announce that our token Nercoin (NERC) is available for sale in BSC just now!

You can get all the information about the token and how to purchase it HERE.

How to purchase NERC in BSC?

We have provided liquidity inside PancakeSwap V2 exchange, and there are two ways to purchase NERC. You can search directly for NERC token using the token address (0x76cf04ae25b6669583cdad2dde02d3f2fbe63923):

Or you can use the direct link that redirects to PancakeSwap with the token selected:

You should accept the disclaimer telling about scammers before purchase it:

There you will be able to purchase NERC using BUSD or BNB. We will reward all NERC holders if they provide liquidity. We will announce these rewards very soon.

Helpful links

About NERC




Nergame Dev Status

You can see our current Milestone board here.

How to contact Nergame

Visit us here Nergame.

Talk to us here Telegram.

Follow us here Twitter, Medium, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.




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