Launched Nergame MVP!

After 3 weeks of a lot of work to do, we are glad to announce that the Nergame MVP platform is already launched!

It’s already available in the Google Play Store for Android.

Compete and win NERC

To engage the first players to play and participate, we have sponsored the first Nergame event. This means that our players don’t need to pay any NERC quantity to participate.

You only need to download the app, create your account or use the social login, enter into the event, and click on the “Buy ticket” button. After that, you will be able to compete and start making the challenges only click the “Begin Broadcast” button.

When the event finishes, if you are one of the best 3 players, you will receive your NERC reward!


We added support for different languages. For now, we added English and Spanish, but new languages will be added in the future.

iOS version available soon

As many people know, Apple and its App Store have so many rules to follow before they approve an application. We have received some suggestions about how to improve the iOS version and fixed all these things. So we think that the iOS version will be available during this week.

Future improvements

We are preparing some new features and improvements to add to the platform, as linking the user account with their wallets, allow the users to see and manage their profile, and some other changes. But we have decided to bring the platform as soon as possible to the community and receive their feedback from the beginning.

Helpful links

About NERC



Nergame Dev Status

You can see our current Milestone board here.

How to contact Nergame

Visit us here Nergame.

Talk to us here Telegram.

Follow us here Twitter, Medium, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.




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