Going deeper into Nergame

A bit of story

In mid-2018, with all the boom of Youtube, Twitch, Instagram Live, and all the streaming video services, our founder Andrés D. Molins came up with a brilliant idea… to create a streaming challenge platform, where players and viewers could live strong emotions, participate in the challenges, sponsor players and have a decisive power in the outcome of these. That was the initial idea, and new possibilities emerged, such as professionalizing it as a major sport or adding a betting system.
This is how Nergame was born.

Introducing the app

We want to explain a little bit about Nergame’s app and its features.

For now, the app is in an early stage, so there are some features that aren’t available yet, like video streaming, some social login methods, or video playing.

If you want to stay tuned about Nergame’s news, you can check our dev Milestone board and subscribe to our newsletter on our website.

Login into Nergame

To access the platform, you don’t need to put any kind of data, so you can enter the platform and see all the events, the challenges, and the player’s ranking. You only need to register if you want to vote for a challenge, sponsor a player or be a player.

To login to the platform, we have some social methods available to access Nergame, including Google and Facebook, but obviously, you can create an account with only your email address.

The event

To classify all the challenges exists events, these are the group of challenges of a specific topic.

It has start and end dates and is the time available for players to complete all the challenges. First, the players should subscribe to the event, paying the needed NERC, to be able to participate. During the event, the players are allowed to do the challenges and record them with their mobile phones. Viewers can see the overall ranking at any time during the event and the challenges that the players are currently doing.

Once the time is finished, the event remains open only to get the last votes of the viewers and see the general ranking.

The challenge

This is the challenge, it has a description, mandatory rules to follow, and also the maximum duration. For every challenge, you can see the ranking of all competitors. Also, you can click on every competitor to see the complete challenge, but you need to see the complete challenge to be able to vote also if you are seeing a live challenge.

Doing challenges

As a player, you have maximum time to do the challenges. The faster you do the challenge, the more points you get.

The total challenge points will change depending on the viewer's votes (proportionally with the total viewers) and the challenge duration.

Event rewards

At the end of every event, the top 3 players will receive part of the total NERC accumulated in the event based on their scores. The other part of the total NERC accumulated will be distributed in two parts, a little percentage to the platform and the part that will be burned.

More information

To get more information about Nergame and Nercoin (NERC), you can visit our Whitepaper.

Helpful information

NERC Token


Nergame Dev Status

You can see our current Milestone board here.

How to contact Nergame

Visit us here Nergame.

Talk to us here Telegram.

Follow us here Twitter, Medium, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.



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