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Purchase NERC in BSC through PancakeSwap V2

Nercoin in BSC

How to purchase NERC in BSC?

Earn NERC playing in Nergame

What’s Play to earn?

NERC now available for sale

How I can purchase NERC?

Receive interesting rewards only for play

New Tokenomic schema

  • The points system that we have currently will change completely, providing points to all users that completes the challenge and giving extra points for the…

First Nergame event and first challenges to do!

Compete and win NERC

Nergame platform available soon

Launching our complete MVP

Airdrop rewards

Finished public sales period

About the Airdrop

One week for the Airdrop and NERC AMA winners

AMA session winners

  • Telegram: @Serkanmercann for the question: “Any special meaning of NER ?”
  • Telegram: @tolgaozek for the question: “Any risk that like or dislike mechanism might be manipulated? How will you check that?”
  • Telegram: @tolatli for the question: “What about NFT? Nergame has any plans on NFT?”

Move your NERC to BSC for the Airdrop

About the Airdrop

40 NERC to the 3 best questions

First Nergame AMA Session

Send your questions


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