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Finished public sales period

Around 2 weeks ago we launched NERC in the BSC network. Now we are very happy to announce that the public sales period of NERC has finished!

One week for the Airdrop and NERC AMA winners

AMA session winners

The past 15 May 2021, we made our first AMA session. It was a very interesting AMA session where our founder Andrés D. Molins answered so many questions about Nergame, our tokenomics, and our roadmap. …

Purchase NERC in BSC through PancakeSwap V2

Nercoin in BSC

We are glad to announce that our token Nercoin (NERC) is available for sale in BSC just now!

How to purchase NERC in BSC?

We have provided liquidity inside PancakeSwap V2 exchange, and there are two ways to purchase NERC. You…

Move your NERC to BSC for the Airdrop

About the Airdrop

Some weeks ago we announced that our first Airdrop will be done at the end of this month. After some considerations, we thought to make the Airdrop directly in BSC instead of WAVES, to allow our holders to access the most used market and use some common tools like Metamask…

40 NERC to the 3 best questions

First Nergame AMA Session

After some demands from our community, we have decided to convene the first Nergame’s AMA session. This session large will be 2 hours, where all our community will be able to make any kind of questions regarding our project Nergame or token Nercoin (NERC) or about our team.

Some good news to announce

An AMA session is coming

We want to answer all your questions, and that is why we will soon announce an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session about Nergame and Nercoin, where our CEO Andrés D. Molins will answer all your questions.


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